Success or failure is in your hands

Posted on May 10, 2018 by Carol Enman

Ron Finklestein, president and owner of AKRIS, LLC stated in his YouTube video that there are three "key issues" most important to business owners and operators-they want more money, more time and more productive employees. He believes this can be accomplished with the right attitude, a strategy and good discipline. First, the owner, operator or CEO within any organization must take ownership of their businesses problems. They are your problems and without taking ownership of them, nothing will change. You can't just blame others for the issues. Second, a business must have a strategic plan. Without that, you are a rudderless ship going around in circles. With a clear strategy you can identify who your customer is, what skills your employees need to have and exactly what needs doing to grow your business. Finally, you need to stay focused and stay disciplined. A bad strategy that is well executed can be hugely successful. A good strategy that is not well executed will likely fail!

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November 07 2012

Awesome material, thank you! For someone who is learning and going through the entire process of internet marketing, I find the information here very helpful. Thanks!