Writing is an art that takes time and thought.

Posted on September 09, 2012 by Carol Enman

 Writing is not easy to do! Ask anyone who writes professionally and most will tell you it's a challenge to get all your thoughts on paper in a clear and articulate way. It takes writing, stepping away, rewriting and then editing it to get it just right! A good editor, and there should always be another set of eyes that reads anything going out to the public, will ask what you meant by this, should we cover that, or can we say it this way or that. You want to ensure that you're covering the salient points with the audience, you're writing this for. 

 Know that unless you're writer is a mind reader, it's impossible to know exactly what you want written. Sure we ask questions, trying to narrow this down. But there's usually more than one person invested in any content we're writing and who knows what they expect to see! The longer someone writes for you, the easier it becomes. 

 The goal of any content is to gain the attention of a defined audience.  When writing, identify your audience, what you want your audience to do, think or feel about your content. I've seen PR crafted to tell multiple audience different information which can dilute and even confuse your message. If there are multiple audiences to communicate with, write different messages for each audience.


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