Denial Protects your Feelings

Posted on December 04, 2013 by Carol Enman

 In a recent article in SDM Magazine I talked about denying issues in our businesses or lives and how this effects our customers or our employees, not to mention family members and friends. 

 Denial's a way to protecting our feelings and avoiding something we don't want to deal with. We able to simply close these thoughts out of our minds. As brilliant as the human mind can be, our ability to simply ignore facts or realities is a complicated subject with personal reasons that keep us from doing so.

 Consciously or subconsciously, we may be aware that what we're doing has a negative effect on  customers, employees and our business but addressing the issues that creates this is too difficult to deal with. 

 Denial protects our feelings of inadequacies or sometimes superiority but more often inadequacies. Sometimes we even hide our feelings of inadequacy by acting like we tougher, smarter, braver or better than we believe we are.  These are defensive moves to protect ourselves. 

 I'm going to ask you one question and I want you to answer this very honestly.  Only you are listening.  Are you a good person?  Now don't wallow in your imperfections just answer the question truthfully. Most people when they think about this can say yes, I am.  I may have done some bad things.  Ok don't do them anymore. Once you do this, you'll find that your defenses come down.  Your imperfections are not insurmountable or really that big a deal, or so very different than the people around you. 

 Life is a journey to be experienced, enjoyed and to learn through. Don't fight life, the world around you and the people you touch and touch you.  Look at life as an incredible, wonderful ride, take it in, learn and experience it, in the most harmonious and enjoyable way. 



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