Change is a challenge but necessary

Posted on June 17, 2015 by

Change is such a challenge for humans, with the slightest little thing giving us permission to scurry back to our comfort zone. We can easily discard the opportunities that will come with change. 

Yet change is an inevitable part of life, no matter how much we might resist it.  We are constantly making choices, and every choice that we make impacts what happens to us going forward. The simplest little choice, can make the biggest change in our lives! Think back to turning points you have experienced and what caused that turn. It may be a completely innocent little, tiny, off the cuff choice that you made.

We are all on this life adventure, why or how is not as important as the adventure it's self.  Try not to fight change, as you really can't stop it. In fact, fighting it takes you in another direction. 

Try to align yourself with positive, open, and articulate people, who discuss the pros and cons of opportunities.  They are the most likely to influence positive thinking and a good decision making processes in your life choices.

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